The Negative One Podcast – 86 – Thomas Prepares For Arrival – NEOZAZ

Welcome to the Negative One podcast!

This week, Thomas finally caves and sees Arrival (which, at the time of this posting, is both available on Blu-Ray and still in theaters…how’s that for recent material?)! Amy Adams stars as some sort of … adorable scientist? Plus Hawkeye from the Avenger’s movies? Something about befriending Cthulu? We don’t really know. It was a pretty heady movie, with all of the thoughts and feels.

Does Thomas have really old beer in his fridge? Does Matt have an interesting theory on how time works in this film? Does Thomas have to kind of issue yet another retraction? Does anyone read these show notes?

Listen and find out!

This episode will have been brought to you by the time-bending communication experts at, who already know you will love it because they have seen the future and are teaching you how to do so RIGHT NOW just by reading these notes. Ouch. My brain cramped.

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