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Welcome to the Negative One Podcast!

Do you like some non-sequitur in your sitcoms? Well that’s what Thomas gets when he reviews Maria Bamford’s Netflix-exclusive show, Lady Dynamite.  Part meta-humor, part sitcom, part dramedy, and all absurd, Lady Dynamite chronicles Mz. Bamford’s career and tribulations with mental illness.  It’s alt-comedy at (according to Matt) its finest.

Does Thomas remember those “Crazy Lady” ads from a major retail outlet? Does Matt recommend not getting glass top coffee tables? Does Thomas become a Hamilfan…Familton…Something that has to do with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s famously popular musical?

Listen and find out!

This episode has been brought to you by the revolutionary gang at, who have their BamBam shirts on and are ready to defend themselves to the death if necessary.

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