The Negative One Podcast – 97 – Thomas Is A Dude Podcasting As A Dude Disguising His Voice As Another Dude – NEOZAZ

This week, Thomas sits down to review a movie he has been avoiding since it came out in 2008. Partly because of his limited knowledge, and partly because he kept getting the title confused with Pineapple Express, Thomas has been trying NOT to watch Tropic Thunder. Matt ruins that for him. A movie about actors being dropped into an actual dangerous situation, this movie could be an action opus or a goofy ensemble comedy. It’s the latter. Or is it?

Does Thomas start digging into the Revolutionary War? Does Matt hate him some varmints? Does Thomas want to see Simple Jack?

Listen and find out!

This episode is brought to you by the sleazy producers at, dancing their way into your hearts before cutting you down with their blue-streaked vitriol.

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