Hammer Horrors

The Podcast that takes a look at each of Hammers films in turn, rating them and the baddie of the feature.

Hammer Horrors – The Damned

This time, we look at a criminally overlooked Hammer film, The Damned. Spoiler alert in place – it really is best to watch the film first, before listening to us...

Hammer Horrors – Fear in the Night

We’re taking our first look at one of Hammers thrillers, and its the last of their films ever to have input from the mighty Jimmy Sangster, 1972’s Fear In The...

Hammer Horrors – Quatermass Xperiment

Not only do we feature for the first time a Sci-Fi horror subject, with the tragic Victor Carroon, but Eric shares his experience of attending the world premiere of Hammer’s...

Hammer Horrors – Dracula

Here we go – starting our coverage of the Hammer Dracula films, with the very first one, Dracula or Horror Of Dracula, depending where you are in the world.