Sequel Harder

In each episode of “Sequel Harder”, hosts David and Eric take a lot a movie franchise that started off strong with a classic film, but then the sequels didn’t quite live up to the level of the original. Part of the podcast network.

Sequel Harder – Night At The Museum

Tylor Norwood joins us this episode to talk about the Night At The Museum movies. Be sure to check out his documentary about Robin Williams, “Robin’s Wish”, available on Amazon,...

Sequel Harder – Fletch

Yeah, I’m gonna need to see your records about one Irwin M. Fletcher. He’s under investigation for several crimes I can’t get into right now. Fletch (1985)Fletch Lives (1989)Confess, Fletch...

Sequel Failure – Dick Tracy

Grab your Tommy Gun and let’s start dispensing some violence – I mean justice – as we re-discover the 1990 classic(?) Dick Tracy.