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Just this week we had some fun speculating on a new level of creature design on Skull Island Reign of Kong. Now, this morning, Universal Studio Resort’s confirmed it!

A new video posted on the official blog Universal Orlando Resort blog hosted by Mike West from Universal Creative gives us a quick look at some of the amazing new creatures to be featured along with the legendary Kong at Skull Island!

Among the unique if not borderline terrifying creatures you’ll encounter:

  • Arachno-claw – A Six legged crab-like clawed carnivorous arachnid, foraging for dead or injured creatures.
  • Carnictis – Giant slug-like creatures with gaping mouths ringed with sharp jagged teeth.
  • Decarnocimex – One of the largest of most aggressive inhabitants of Skull Island. Vicious insects with razor sharp mandibles and two-bladed forearms.
  • Terapusmordax – Flying predators with 10 feet wings spans that live in colonies in Skull Island’s caverns. They spear victims with lethal talons and bite with their large carnivorous fangs to
  • Vastatosaurus Rex– The largest and most intimidating dinosaur in Skull Island’s jungles. And agile predator that changes direction at high speeds and ready to attack its prey with razor-sharp teeth.

See more on these creatures including animated gifs of each one in action at the official blog Universal Orlando Resort blog.

With each detail releases on this new attraction, Skull Island Reign of Kong has already surpassed all of my expectations. To say I’m excited to finally see this new part of Islands of Adventure come alive is a gross understatement.

Skull Island Reign of Kong opens this summer at Universal Orlando Resort’s Islands of Adventure.

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