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Special Podcast Series. Orion EFT-1

Part 1

On December 5th 2014 the next generation of Manned Space flight for NASA took it’s first step as the Orion spacecraft was launched on it’s first test flight, mission EFT-1.

This unmanned mission was launched atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, and Matt from NeoZAZ.com was there, reporting from a 2 day event learning all about Orion, NASAs work on Mars, and Future of Manned space flight.

This launch, dubbed “the first step to Mars” put Orion into a 2 orbit four hour flight around the earth pushing this crew vehicle farther from the planet and any manned space craft have gone in 42 years.

in part 1 of this special mini series, we learn much more about Orion, EFT-1, and the fantastic social media support program NASA offers to Social Media follower and New Media creators in it’s NASASocial program.


Orion launch

Orion Social Broadcast

Orion post-scrub News Conference

Orion flight test reviewed


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