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Episode 138 – “Doallyn”. In this episode we discuss the not easily pushed around main squeeze of Yarna d’al’ Gragan from “Return of the Jedi” episode 6 of that Star Wars Saga.

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Extended Show Notes (potential for spoilers):

The mystery masked man in Jabba the Hutt’s palace that’s no push over.

Chris starts the show right off questioning the validity of the character Dave choose for this episode.

The names for this episode are a far reach outside of the Star Wars Galaxy.

We learn the species and origin of Doallyn along with his fascinating relationship status.

Dave reveals the surprising source of his inspiration for choosing Doallyn for this episode.

Chris explains what his theory regarding Dave’s character choice may really have been.

The crew pinpoints the character and his 15 seconds of fame scene in Return of the Jedi.

Matt tells a tale of having once written a back story of Doallyn himself.

Dave delegates the screen time recording of Doallyn this time around.

The explanation of the gases needed by Doallyn to live leads to a short round of classic sci-fi movie impressions.

Chris discusses the complexity of dating a woman with multiple sets of breasts.

Doallyn’s encounter with a Corellian sand panther is told.

Tim creates a great new character voice that’s NOT southern – but then messes up on the name a bit.

We discuss Doallyn’s ill fated night out in Mos Eisley while he supposed to be working for Jabba.

The post Return of the Jedi story is explored for this character and his loving partner.

The recollection Chris’ karaoke performance is brought up.

Possibly the most inappropriate singing related joke is told.

A quick rehashing of the panelist feelings on Kevin Costner is explored.

We revisit parts of the character Yarna ‘d’al’ Gargan’s story.

The couple’s perilous encounter with a deadly Krayt Dragon is revealed.

A story of true love is shared and touches the panelists hearts.

Controversy and or confusion regard Doallyn’s appearance in Return of the Jedi is discussed.

Feedback featured more holiday emails and a shout-out thanks for all the latest iTunes reviews.

And trivia remains as exciting as ever this round.

All this and much, much more on this episode of the Star Wars In Character podcast!

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