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Episode 50 “Owen and Beru Lars”. This is the audio portion of our 50th Episode Live Webcast. Thanks to everyone that joined us for the webcast and made it such a great time!

Hear it here:
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Star Wars In Character

Star Wars In Character, from Join us each episode as we discuss the lesser known Star Wars characters that often get overlooked. If you are a Star Wars die-hard, you will love the "Star Wars: In Character" podcast!

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  • Good morning, Matt, Tim, Chris and Dave. I don’t know if you will see this, I have been listening to SWIC for years, I started from the beginning recently. I’m at episode 50 right now. I have to throw something at you that you all discussed. You talked about how stormtroopers don’t have flamethrowers so how were Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen burnt to a crisp. Well I can tell you, in the movie Darth Vader when he was talking to the Bounty Hunters on his ship he says to Boba Fett ” no disintegrations this time” I believe this tells the tale on why Owen and Beru were cooked. When Darth Vader was searching for the droids he put a bounty out and Boba Fett was the one who got to them first, he cooked them. The storm troopers came later.

    Anyway, I hope this finds you! Thank you for the years of entertainment!

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