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Episode 149 – “Garindan”.

In this episode we discuss the biggest snitch this side of the Star Wars galaxy from “A New Hope”, episode 4 of the Star Wars saga.

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Extended Show Notes (Potential for Spoilers)

We start off the show with the most unlikely names Chris may have ever come up with.

The thoughts of the character are shared by all the panelist and the thought that this character may be the epitome of SWIC.

The first fact sets Matt up for massive disappointment.

Dave grossly misjudges Chris and his celebrity fandom.

Dave theorize this character’s look as compared to the Sith we’ve come to know and love.

A vast variety of nicknames are listed for Garindan.

The unavoidable phallic look of this character is discussed.

His roll in the saga is explored, along with the Canadian rap scene.

Matt discovers some alternative custom designs of this character.

The surprising origin of this character’s voice is revealed.

The performer and history is talked about briefly.

We make contact with one of our long time listeners and friends and find out his inspiration for creating his own Garindan costume.

And trivia is setup for a spectacular conclusion!

All this and much, much more in this episode the Star Wars In Character podcast!

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