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Episode 146 – “IT-0 Interrogator Droid”

In this episode we discuss the over engineered hypermedia delivering droid from “A New Hope”, Episode 4 of the Star Wars Saga

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Extended Show Notes (potential for spoilers):

Chris starts off refusing to reveal the identity of this episodes character then quickly lets it slip.

Chris lists his names and they are more functional that descriptive this week.

An impromptu Batman casting discussion breaks out.

Dave sets up the scene for single appearance of this character.

Chris reveals his deep dark fear of needles and his unique physical reaction.

Tim shares a unique phone via text messages.

The Jackson 5 “Torture” video is analyzed.

The design and build origins of there droids is discussed.

Their use throughout the empire is explained.

We learn in great detail of these droids operate to produce effective interrogations.

The panelists are quickly distracted by the Jackson 5 video again.

Tim theorizes the worst possible torture that could possibly be inflicted by this droid.

The show stops for a much needed bio-break.

It’s reputation throughout the galaxy is learned.

We learn the multifunctional nature of these droids.

Details of the droids interaction with Princess Leia in Star War are explained.

The radio drama version of the scenes is discussed.

We list all the torture scenes we can remember in the Star Wars saga.

The panelist go through their favorite movie torture scenes.

The urban legend of the printing on the prop’s needle is explored.

Matt, Dave, and Chris talk about seeing this prop first hand.

A mugging in D.C. from the past is brought up.

Feedback with a show suggesting is shared.

In the final 5 segments of this round trivia looming, things are as exciting as ever!

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