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Episode 151 – “Paploo”

In this episode we discuss the distraction making, speeder bike stealing, sack dropping hero the Ewok  village on Endor – from “Return of the Jedi” Episode VI of the Star Wars saga.

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The show starts with Chris’ names, and one the longest off subject conversations during the opening of the show ensues.

Chris’ reveals his motivate for the character selection and explains the incredible amount of work he put into researchng this episode.

From, the story of Paploo in the Ewoks cartoon and movie begins.

To enhance the story and pad out the episode, dave shares a custom written and performed parody song.

New new round of trivia with a new trivia host begins!

To wrap up the episode, Chris and Tim dramatically re-enact their bed sharing at Celebration Anaheim.

All this and much more in this episode of the Star Wars In Character podcast.

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