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Episode 139 – “Sabe”. In this episode we discuss the unmistakable identical doppelgänger of Queen Amidala from “The Phantom Menace” episode 1 of the Star Wars Saga.

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Extended Show Notes (potential for spoilers):

Sabe, the loyal handmaiden to Queen Padme Amidala.

In this episode we discuss Sabe’s history; from her early days growing on Naboo, to this training and guidance form Captain Panaka and the Royal Naboo Security forces.

Chris’s names take a unique turn as Matt questions his choice source material. The crew attempts to list the handmaidens from memory to disastrous results.

We learn Chris has a special guest in his home than puts a bit of damper on his usual brand of humor.

We debate the stated fact that Sabe’s appearance greatly matches Queen Amidala, and explore the task laid upon the Queen’s handmaidens.

A big plot spoiler is found in remember the previews for The Phantom Menace.

Her extensive training as a handmaiden is discussed and expanded upon in our normal fashion.

Matt takes advantage of Chris’ visitor situation to make Chris laugh to the point of passing out yet once again.

Tim theorizes moments of revenge enacted on the Queen while Sabe was the active decoy.

We learn a lot about her story in Episode 1 not seen on screen, including another potential disaster not prevented by Obi-wan.

Tim astounds us with his Neimoidian impression.

We learn about her post movie story including following the Skywalker bloodline to the rebellion.

We put Keira Knightley through the SWIC hot or not take a very quick stroll through her career.

Chris gets some long overdue redemption from a listener email and gets a little confused over his trivia question.

All of this and much much more in this episode of the Star Wars In Character podcast.

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