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Episode 144 – “Sly Moore”. In this episode we discuss Palpatine’s right hand Umbaran for Episode II “Attack of the Clones” and Episode III “Revenge of the Sith” of the Star Wars Saga.

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Extended Show Now (potential for spoilers)

Sly Moore, the Emperor aid from Episode II and III

Chris starts off this name and, not unusual, there’s a theme.

It’s opening night of Dave’s play, but sticking to our commitment to make an effort to continue with episodes throughout the year, we have a special guest in Dave’s chair. But, it’s a familiar voice to listeners – Khrysti from and voice of the NeoZAZ Entertainment Network appears on a character discussion for the very first time in 4 years!

Confusion immediately sets in surrounding the pronunciation of her name.

For the character story, we open with Sly Moore’s political leanings that somehow gets twisted into opportunity for Tim to bring up on if his favorite obscure movies.

In discussing her years of torture, Khrysti quickly relates with this character.

Matt share a visual reference of our cohost’s excitement for the episode.

Frustration sets in on the cool yet sparse elements of her story.

The hosts theorize the younger years of childrearing and crime fighting between the Darknamtic duo of Palpatine and Moore.

Here status in the Stih order opens a lengthy discussion.

Sly Moore’s impressive mastery of disguise turns into a highlight of the round table.

Her rise to power helps smooth over some rough edges that tie the trilogies together.

The story loses the panel a bit as they learn about a new group within the Jedi order.

Tim manages to offend half the planet’s population with 1 statement, but Khrysti is there to fight back single handily.

Tim and Chris’ celebrity encounter story is told.

Chris makes Matt feel awful about this Toys for Tots shopping efforts.

This episodes feedback comforts Chris in his historic history misinterpretation.

Trivia starts, and with a surrogate sitting in for Dave – this round still remains the most exciting in the show’s history!

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