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Is It Beer Yet – 13 Beers for Halloween – Swamp Yeti

It’s the 5th beer and it’s a fun one! “Swamp Yeti”, named after a scare actor from the Halloween Horror Nights Haunted House “Slaughter Sinema”.

An unusual beer for an unusual character – A Coffee Blonde Ale!

Made with coffee beans from Grovers Mill New Jersey (the site of the Martian invasion of 1938’s “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast by the way) “Swamp Yeti” should be a smooth, full flavored rich blonde ale.

Is it? Check out this episode of “Is It Beer Yet” and find out!

Full Recipe (All Grain 1 Gallon):

2lb 2.2 oz Maris Otter
1.8 oz Crystal 10L
6.4 oz Flaked Oats
3.2 oz Flaked Barley

Mash for 60 minutes at 154 degrees F


.18 Northern Brewer Hops 60 min
.09 Fuggle Hops 15 min


3.3 grams Safale US-05

After primary Fermentation:

.8 oz Cacoa Nibs 5 days
.8 Whole Coffee Beans 5 days
(both covered with vodka to sanitize)

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