War of the Worlds Week – The 1938 Broadcast Commentary

Welcome to the start of the 2018 War of the Worlds Week Event!

When Matt first heard the legend of The War of the Worlds broadcast from 1938, the early seeds of a obsession were planted.

Now to kick off this year’s War of the Worlds Week event, Matt records a commentary track for that infamous broadcast.

This commentary is filled for some fun facts, trivia, and a few personal tales or how this broadcast influence Matt’s love for the audio drama format and it’s influence on NEOZAZ today.

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  • Hi Matt, I just discovered your podcast tonight. I was listening to Radiolab and their commemoration of the eightieth anniversary and they mentioned the WKBW broadcast. I grew up on the cool side of the border, Canada, not far from Buffalo and I remember listening to ‘The Big KB, 50,000 watts of power’ as a kid but, I had never heard of their version of War of the Worlds. I sought it out and, found you. It was great hearing a story I was so familiar with but, done with locations I know so well. (Raccoon hunters in Oshawa was particularly hilarious, Oshawa being a large industrial city just north of Toronto). I’ve been listening to you all night and, you’ve kept me thoroughly entertained. Thanks. You mentioned the parabolic mirror in this episode and, you were wondering what the origin was. I wonder if it had to do with Archimedes and, the story that he invented a similar mirror that could set enemy ships aflame. Probably something Wells and Welles would be well aware of. Thanks again for the podcast, Craig

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