COHHN – 1994 4th Annual Halloween Horror Nights

The year by year coverage continues with 1994 and “The Fourth Annual Halloween Horror Nights”.

Matt and Quint discuss the 4 houses headlining this year’s event: “The Bone Yard”, Hell’s Kitchen”, “The Psycho Path Maze” and the return of “The Dungeon of Terror.”

Then they lament over missing the shows 1994 – “The Price if Fright”m “Robosaurus” and most of all “The Devil and this Show Girls”.

Their mode turns 180 degrees as the finally, and enthusiastically, discuss the first official Scare Zone for Halloween Horror Nights, “Horrorwood”

And inspired by a surprising alteration to the Bill and Ted’s show, the hosts name the “third wheel” they’d add to the Excellent Halloween Adventure.

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