COHHN – 2000 Halloween Horror Nights 10

The year-by-year coverage continues with 2000 and “Halloween Horror Nights X”.

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Matt and Quint begin a new milestone in the history of Halloween Horror Nights as they begin their coverage of the Icon Era.

The Scarezones start off the conversation with the four sacrezones for this event: Apocalypse Island, Clown Attack, The Gauntlet and Midway of Dr Morose.

This years shows are recapped starting with Jacked Up, The Festival of the Dead Parade and of course, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure.

Event coverage rounds out with extensive coverage of the fives mazes for the year 2000; Anxiety in 3D, Total Chaos, Dark Torment, The Fear House, and Universal Classic Monster Mania.

From there the move on to further discussions on Jack and the “viral marketing” for the start of the icon area.

And to conclude the show, Matt and Quint design their own original Halloween Horror Nights Icons.

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