COHHN – 2002 Islands of Fear

In this episode we discuss 2002’s “Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear”, the first appearance of the event at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure.

We begin by discussing the return of HHN after the events of 9/11 in the year prior.

From there we talk about the new icon for 2002 with a bit of his backstory and opening scariemony.

We move into the mazes for Islands of Fear; “Scream House”, “Project Evilution”, “Fear Factor”, “Scary Tales II”, and “Maximum Carnage”.

Then we take a walk through the scarezone; “Boo-Ville”, “Island of Evil Souls”, “JP Extinction”, “Treaks and Foons”, “Island under Siege”, and “Port of Evil”.

Lastly we talk about the shows for 2002, “Town Square of Tortured Souls”, “Fountain of Evil”, “Studio 666” and last but not least “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure”.

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