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Halloween Horror Nights Sweet 16 Part 1

In this episode, Matt, Quint and Karen discuss Halloween Horror Nights 2006 – Sweet 16.

In part 1 of this year’s coverage, the mazes and scare zones of HHN16 are featured.

Starting with the mazes, we explore “Dungeon of Terror: Retold”.

The show moves into the newly built Sprung tents and discuss “People Under The Stairs: Under Construction”. and “Psycho Path: The Return of Norman Bates”.

Fan favorite “Eddie” is officially presented with “Run Hostile Territory”.

The Caretaker returns again with his family and parlor in “Scream House: Resurrection”.

Jack the Clown makes his appearance in this years event with the ongoing original IP “Psychoscarapy: Maximum Carnage”.

And the tour of the mazes ends with The Director’s modern horror homage with “All Night Die In: Take 2”.

From there we’re taken through the Scarezones starting with a tribute for the past 15 years of HHN with “Horror Comes Home.”

Into the “Blood Masquerade” for the Vampire themed blood feast.

The fruits of the labor from the Fields of Screams come to forwishen with “Harvest of Souls”.

And on last walk through the final scarezeone with the zombie infested “Deadtroplis: Zombie Siege”.

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