The GR80s – Dragonslayer

Join Khrysti, Kevin and Ryan as they roll for initiative and see if they have the STR, DEX and CON to succeed after watching Dragonslayer. Does it hold up, or is it stuck under a bush like Khrysti’s Mage? Find out on our latest Episode!

The GR80s

The GR80s - the great 80s movie debate podcast features a panelist of movie fanatics born and raised in the 80s. Each episode featured a beloved classic 80s movie. The film is re-watched and reviewed to see if it still holds up today in a lively, entertaining debate. Each episode wraps up with a top 5 list from each panelist on a subject pulled from the movie reviewed. The GR80s - if you're child of the 80s, a fan of classic films, or just a movie geek, you've come to the right place!

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