The Negative One Podcast – 38 – Matt Finds Serenity – NEOZAZ

This week, Matt has to own up to the fact that he’s a nerd and a Joss Whedon fan…but he’s never seen one of Joss’ more famous pieces, Firefly.  This beloved series is the little show that could…n’t, according to Fox.  Since it will most likely never get another shot, fans have to do their duty to spread the word.

So Thomas has decided to try to convert Matt into loving this series as much as he did.  In the most manipulative way he knew how.  By FORCING him to watch it for the podcast.

Does Matt turn into a Browncoat?  Who is Thomas’ favorite crew member?  Does Matt completely forget to talk about the music in Joss Whedon’s shows?  Does anyone even read the copy we write?

Listen and find out!


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