The Negative One Podcast – 9 – The Princess Bride – NEOZAZ

In this episode, Matt and Thomas discuss William Goldman’s The Princess Bride. Matt and Thomas talk about set design, comedic timing, quotability, special effects, and more. Thomas does NOT talk about that rumor he heard about Andre the Giant in how he was too large for hotel toilets and thus had to go in bathtubs in the hotel rooms he stayed in, but Thomas DOES remember thinking about it during the recording of this podcast. Thomas is not sorry and has no regrets, however.

Does Matt think this was adapted from a stageplay script? Does Thomas know what Fred Savage was playing at the beginning of the movie? Does Matt really like Peter Falk? Does Thomas not know who Mandy Patinkin is, and when he is mentioned, think it’s a she? Does that word mean what you think it means?

Listen and find out! I mean it!

Anybody want a peanut?

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