The Negative One Podcast – 35 – Thomas Exits Through The Gift Shop – NEOZAZ

In this episode, art is made.  Or isn’t.  Maybe?  Who knows.  What’s art?  In case you haven’t figured it out, Thomas had to watch the documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, which was about Banksy about as much as this episode is about watching “Exit Through The Gift Shop”.

Does Thomas ever get to intro this episode?  Does Matt really hate Andy Warhol, and as a tribute, nicknames “Mr. Brainwash” as Warhol Two-point-D’oh?  Does Thomas not know about commissioned street art in his own home city?  Does Ted Dastick Jr. deserve a shout out but unfortunately we already recorded so we couldn’t read his email on the air?

Listen and find out!  Except that last one.  That’s a yes.  Sorry Ted!

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