The Negative One Podcast – 39 – Thomas is a Grandma’s Boy – NEOZAZ

In this episode, Thomas is exposed to the stoner/nerd comedy mashup that he knows no one asked for: Grandma’s Boy.  Aside from Reefer Madness, this is the only movie that shows how pot use can turn into something Demonik. Matt and Thomas discuss this, as well as the difference between a stoner flick and a weed movie, and other things.  I can’t remember.  I’m hungry though.  I think I have some Cooler Ranch Doritos in the pantry.  I don’t feel like getting up though.  I should.  Cooler Ranch Doritos would be so dope right now.  Heh heh.  Dope.

Does Thomas know whether Demonik was an actual Xbox project?  Does Matt know how to strut some sweet Dance Dance Revolution moves?  Does Thomas notice a bit too much about graphics overlays?

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