The Thing In Character – Dog Thing

Why not join Ian and Eric as they ponder just what the deal is with what the Thing actually is, their awe of the effects on show, and as they choose their Top 5 John Carpenter films.


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  1. Loving this, gents! Brilliant chitchat as ever and no detail is too small for a rambling inspection. Particularly loving your recollections of screening/seeing it in situ! Wonderful stuff.

    Re: assimilation modes. I always thought the thing had two modes, cellular and en-masse. En-masse is when it dedicates its entire form to assimilate something, which happens quickly and cellular, which is slow infection at the cellular level. You might be infected and still pass the blood test, but it’s only a matter of time. My headcanon is that everyone on the base would have been assimilated eventually and Macready knew this at the end of the movie, hence the iconic ending line!

  2. Hello Eric and Ian.

    I’ve just come accross this podcast in the first God damn week of Autumn and I’ve been listening ever since. It’s really refreshing to hear analysis of the film along side your personal opinions and the behind the scenes stuff etc. It’s a much needed change from the constant twittering about breath, whisky bottles and the changing of coats. You both have a great ‘nonsense’ approach which I love. I don’t feel like I always agree with every one of your interpretations of what’s going on but hey, it’s a film, /it’s art and as you have mentioned it is a film that was purposely made ambiguous. Seriously good stuff guys. Can’t wait for the full series of episodes.

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