The Thing In Character – Nauls

This time we’re seeing what’s cooking with Nauls. Will we cut him some slack, or will we cut him loose?

The Thing In Character

Why not join Ian and Eric as they look at each character from the classic film. Starting off with a talk on their background to both films and the book, along with a brief overview of the creation of all three films.

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  • Lovely stuff as usual, gents! Thought I’d comment on Nauls as I feel he’s almost the audience proxy for the film. Especially as he survives almost to the end. When I first saw The Thing as a 12-year-old, Nauls being the youngest meant I identified with him the most, and his reactions as a bystander character mirrored mine. Especially the fear and paranoia. It’s a toss-up between Nauls and Windows for who soiled the most underwear, but I think T.K. Carter did an incredible job in emoting the escalating wtf-ness and spiralling horror. Him being the youngest also explains the rollerskating and loud music, tbh. He’s closer to a teenager in that respect.

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