The Thing In Character – Nauls

This time we’re seeing what’s cooking with Nauls. Will we cut him some slack, or will we cut him loose?

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  1. Lovely stuff as usual, gents! Thought I’d comment on Nauls as I feel he’s almost the audience proxy for the film. Especially as he survives almost to the end. When I first saw The Thing as a 12-year-old, Nauls being the youngest meant I identified with him the most, and his reactions as a bystander character mirrored mine. Especially the fear and paranoia. It’s a toss-up between Nauls and Windows for who soiled the most underwear, but I think T.K. Carter did an incredible job in emoting the escalating wtf-ness and spiralling horror. Him being the youngest also explains the rollerskating and loud music, tbh. He’s closer to a teenager in that respect.

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