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Special Episode – The Doug Katsaros Interview

In the special episode, Tim and Steve welcome special guest – Emmy Award winning Composers, conductor, arranger, keyboardist and the master mind behind the music of The Tick animated series – Doug Katsaros!

In this interview, Doug gives a fantastic look into some of the behind scenes work of The Tick, modern music history, and whole lot more!

Please enjoy this special episode with our great guest – Doug Katsaros!


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  • Wow, what a great interview! I just happened to search for a podcast for the tick tonight and I’m glad to see you guys have made one. This is such an underappreciated gem and I always see Deadpool as a mainstream (and overly vulgar) ripoff of The Tick. I actually had Ben Edmund accept my LinkedIn connection request but he didn’t respond to my message about the tick’s origin. But perhaps the new series is his response to that! Anyway, I would love to hear more interviews with people from the comic or either show, and of course, Ben Edlund himself if he ever returned emails!

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