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Is It Beer Yet – 13 Beers for Halloween – Trick R Treats

Number 12 and it’s a beer I’ve been threatening to make for a long time – a Candy Corn Ale.

Names after the Trick R Treat house at Halloween Horror Nights 28 and the greatest Halloween candy of all time, Trick R Treats is blonde ale with a bit of Candy Corn flavoring to make it a classic(?) Halloween beer.

Is it a classic and will it be as divisive as Candy Corn? Check out this episode and find out!

Full Recipe (All Grain 1 Gallon):

2lb 4 oz Pale Malt 2-Row
2.5 oz White Wheat
2 oz Crystal 15L
.8 oz Carapils


.05 Columbus hops 60 mins
.05 Cascade hops 20 mins
.05 Columbus hops 10 mins
.05 Cascade hops 10 mins
.05 Cascade hops 1 min


3.3 grams Safale US-05


5 drops OOOFlavors Candy Corn Flavoring per bottle at bottling

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