War of the Worlds – The WKBW 1968 Broadcast – NEOZAZ

In our on going War of the Worlds week and part of our 2016 Halloween Celebration at NEOZAZ, we are excited to share one of the great audio interpretations of “The War of the Worlds.

From WKBW 1520 AM in Buffalo New York, it’s is the 1968 version WKBW’s “The War of the Worlds”.


For the full, un-cut, version of the 1968 WKBW War of the Worlds, please visit the Internet Archive at this link: https://archive.org/details/wotw1968-complete


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  • Listened to this broadcast Sunday night, and, I gave to say, if they didn’t break in every so often, I could see some panic and confusion arising from it! And for most of the voice talent being tv and radio guts, they were pretty damn believable at times! Great show!

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