We’re Board – The People’s Court – Audio Edition – NEOZAZ

Welcome to “We’re Board”, the odd-ball board game demo and review show!

Each week Khrysti and Matt play new, out of the ordinary, board game. They review the rules, adjust game play, and get through to the end one way or another.

In this episode, they play an exciting round of “The People’s Court” – the board game based on the popular syndicate TV show starring Judge Joseph Wapner that ran for 1981 to 1983.

Does the board game capture the tension and justice of the old series?

Find out in this episode of “We’re Board”!

“We’re Board” is recorded as a video podcast with multiple cameras to capture all the game play. Click here it see the video version of this episode of “We’re Board”.

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We’re Board – The People’s Court – NEOZAZ

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