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A significant and possibly the most exciting detail so far on the “Reign of Kong” attraction was announced today on the Universal Orlando Blog.

You will come to face to face with the beast himself!

A larger than life animatronic Kong appears in the new attraction, likely as a part of the finale of the experience.

How close will you get to the mighty beast? Universal Creative Executive Producer Mike West explains, “Close enough that you’ll feel his breath sweep across your skin and this thunderous roar reverberate through every bone in your body.”

The blog post offered more details on the gigantic animatronic in the form of a “Species Profile” noting a “head larger than an automobile” and “18 feet wide at shoulders”


This new detail has all of us at NEOZAZ jumping out of seats! Stay with us for continuing coverage as details are released and as the attraction debuts.

For more on this exciting new detail and a bit more about the attraction, check out this video released by Universal Studios Orlando Resort:

“Skull Island Reign of Kong” opens this summer at Universal Orlando Resort’s Islands of Adventure theme park.

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