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Episode 141 – “Sandcrawler”. In this episode, we discuss by request one of the largest ground vehicles commandeered by one of the smallest inhabitants found on Tatooine. Seen in Episode 1 “The Phantom Menace”, Episode 2 “Attack of the Clones” and Episode 4 “A New Hope” of the Star Wars Saga.

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Extended Show Notes (potential for spoilers):Sandcrawlers, the large polygonal bohemeth vehicles commanded by the Jawas across the Dune Sea.

Chris’ intro creates more questions than answers.

Matt explains the inspiration for this episodes subject.

A new take on the Jawas interaction with C-3PO and R2-D2 is discussed.

The story unfolds a long time history of the ore mining hopes and attempts on Tatooine and how this attempt at industrialization lead to early colonization of the planet.

The original mobile more processing sand crawlers originally brought to the planet are discussed.

The rise and fall of the first generation of mining attempts are discussed, and the story of the second resurgence follows.

Soon, a miss heard word in the story takes the episode in a completely different direction.

The movie familiar version of the sandcrawlers are discussed in great detail complete with measurements, stats, and tech and mechanical highlights.

The ultimate failure of this new generation of ore mining is discussed and the age of the Jawas begins.

Matt extra sensory response to talking about Jawas surprises the rest of the group.

We learn the modifications and changes the Jawas make to these massive vehicles.

Tim leaves us speechless once again with his unmistakable accent impressions.

A surprise fact about a Tatooine native turned bounty hunter is discovered.

The inspiration of the design of the sandcrawler is discussed, much to the excitement of Matt.

A fascinating story about the sandcrawler set nearly starting an international incident is shared.

The long lineage of toys is listed and discussed.

The feedback segment featured other listener subject requests from the last few weeks.

Chris’ house guest conundrum continues and the rest of the panelist make no attempt to make it any easier for him.

And trivia takes yet another unexpected turn.

All this and much, much more in this episode of the Star Wars In Character podcast!

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