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Episode 142 – “Womp Rat”. In this episode. we discuss the bigger than big rodents infesting Tatooine in Empire IV of the Star Wars Saga, “A New Hope”.

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Extended Show Notes (potential for spoilers):

The womp rat, the 2 meter long rodents that terrorized the residents of Tatooine.

Chris’ names lead Dave on a tirade against animated bullying.

Tim can’t wait between recordings to grab a quick snack.

We find out early if it wasn’t for the womp rat, there’d be no Star Wars.

Matt comes up wit with an easy conversion scale to describe the size of the womp rats.

Dave quickly switches gear and has an important question about the original Star Wars.

We learn about the various breeds of Womp rats found throughout the galaxy along with the domestication process some have implemented on these creatures.

The moral implications of using womp rats for target practice comes into debate.

Dave tells the group the hunting patterns and habits of a pack of womp rats.

A horrifying disease carried by some womp rats is uncovered.

A ridiculous skill possessed by some womp rats is reported.

We learn there is fine delicacy made of womp rat on Tatoonie.

The group talk about the only known “action figure” version of a womp rat.

We pinpoint the scene on the original trilogy where real world earth rats are seen.

An email arrives outlining a listeners generosity this past holiday season.

Tim shares some more odd Internet images while we reminisce about the days of listening to our favorite morning radio personality.

And just when you thought you predict this round of trivia, another amazing turn of events takes place.

All this and much, much more on this episode of the Star Wars In Character podcast!

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