Blade Runner In Character – Mary

In this unusual episode, we’re talking about the missing Replicant, Mary, trying to decide what the deal is with JF’s toys, and try to work out the animal situation in the Blade Runner universe. Along the way, we also uncover some potential new evidence to back up our theories of just how grubby ol’ Sebastian was.

Blade Runner In Character

Join Ian and Eric on the streets of Los Angeles in 2019 and 2049, as they take a look at both classic, obvious and the not-so obvious characters inhabiting the world of the Blade Runner.

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  • Mary is definitely a canon Blade Runner(1982) character… i just wish we knew more about Hodge.
    But Mary and her occupation in the Off World colonies has open my creativity concerning fan art.

  • The ending for Mary, that was going to be in the movie, she passed during the scene where Pris attacks Deckard.

    Her character was easily immersed in the movie. I wish the budget was covered for her.

    Hodge as well was retired, in Leon’s room. He was hiding there behind a wall bed, when Deckard came to inspect.

    Not to mention he was a part of an original opening of Roy Leon Pris(and Hodge/Rodger) escaping a moon industrial colony.

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