Star Wars In Character – Master Code Breaker

In this episode we discuss the galactic man of mystery from “The Last Jedi”, Episode 8 of the Star Wars Saga.

Star Wars In Character

Star Wars In Character, from Join us each episode as we discuss the lesser known Star Wars characters that often get overlooked. If you are a Star Wars die-hard, you will love the "Star Wars: In Character" podcast!

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  • Hey, guys, sorry y’all have to deal with hate mail. You should be able to express how you feel about the material without retribution, except Tim. Just kidding.

    I believe that people are not as ready to write new Star Wars novels because someone will come behind them and make a sweeping declaration that it no longer exists or matters.

    I was confused about the entire Last Jedi movie and will probably never watch it again.

    Thank you for your continued efforts to entertain us.

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