Blakes 7 In Character – Audio Commentary 1

In this special episode, Eric and Ian return to do an audio commentary on the very popular City At The Edge Of The World.

Blakes 7 In Character

The show that takes an in-depth look at the classic BBC Series “Blakes7” on character at a time! Following the "In Character" format from, "Blake7 In Character" features a single character each episode and explores their history, back story, and details in more depth you would ever need.

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  • Dear Eric and Ian, What a pleasant surprise to see your podcast icon jump to the top of the screen and lo, there was a new episode of Blake’s 7 in Character!

    As usual, I am listening to the entire podcast again, and Doctor Who Adversaries as well. I am enjoying Adversaries a great deal. We were lucky in Australia to always have repeats of Doctor Who, usually preceded by The Goodies, in the late 70s and early 80s. Then some years ago our ABC showed all available episodes from The First Doctor until the end of The Seventh Doctor.

    Back to Blake’s 7, I have to ask if Ben Steed contributed to your podcast this week?: “He hits like a girl, does Tarrant.” Unconscious bias on your part??

    Listening to you read the subtitles had me in fits of laughter, and I hope you continue to read them out when warranted. I think watching the show with no audio has enabled you to focus on the visual, and notice things you hadn’t before, eg Bayban’s (Bob Balaban’s) costume.
    I would indeed enjoy more of these audio commentaries. Perhaps you should count down the top ten and bottom ten from your lists of episode popularity?

    Re the Del Grant episode and the timer counting down, I think you said each count on the timer was worth 16 point something seconds?

    1000 whatever’s on the Albion timer equates to one hour or 3600 Earth seconds.

    So one Albion “second” on the timer is equal to 3.6 Earth seconds. So if they had 25 left to go on the digital timer, it would be 90 Earth seconds.

    I love maths!!

    I am sending an email as I don’t have The Facebook. We are glad to hear you are staying safe and hope you continue to do so. We are on day 60 of self-isolating because I’m not well, so your podcasts are great company.

    Looking forward to more surprise podcasts,
    Thanking you kindly,
    Harki, Lorelai Gilmore and Hedy Lamarr the Golden Labradors.

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