Doctor Who Adversaries – The Gunslinger

It’s our second (and maybe last) visit to the Wild West as we don our holsters and go and see the Gunslinger.

Written by Doctor Who Adversaries

In each episode of “Doctor Who Adversaries”, we talk a look at a nemesis of the good Doctor.


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  1. Dear Ian and Eric, I realise you may not see this before you record (your tomorrow but our today?) but I don’t have The Facebook, so I am leaving my Sea Devil comment here.

    Wow, nice new outfits, no more string vests, so they seemed gentrified! Great to see them again after all these years, I’d be happy to see them, and their glowing swords, again.
    I am slightly over New Who’s obsessed with The Doctor being in love with their Companion. Really over it.
    I felt that the show had a quite a few plot holes: things seem to have happened off screen or are unexplained. And wow, they are all suddenly able to fight with swords against amazing creatures a la Amy and Rory in The Curse of the Black Spot. Being filmed during The End Of Days meant a lack of extras and so it felt very empty and sparse.
    It was watchable, and I liked that they seem to be tying off some ends at least: Dan and Di.
    This episode seemed to be not going anywhere really, it didn’t contribute much to the ongoing story. I know The Doctor is being all “oh I am going to die soon” which we know, but there was no hint of how, or when or why.
    In saying all this, I did enjoy the pirate tale, I’m glad to see Asian characters that aren’t portrayed as they were in The Talons of Weng-Chiang. Nice ocean whirlpool and the monster was quite scary.

    Looking forward to hearing your next podcast.

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